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Private Funeral Transportation Services

Serving the Greater Saint Paul-Minneapolis Minnesota Area and Beyond

Aspen Limousine and Car Services has been serving the needs for professionally-driven private funeral transportation in the greater Twin Cities area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul and well beyond for over 25 years. We maintain the largest fleet of luxury vehicles in the state of Minnesota, including: Lincoln Town Cars, Mercedes Sedans, Stretch Limousines (6, 8 and 10 passengers), luxury-class black SUVs, a variety of executive-quality group transportation vans and shuttle buses.

We Understand Funerals and Burial Services are to be Highly Respected and Honored in Every Way Possible

Our Discerning Customers Always Expect and Deserve:

  • Beautiful luxury-class vehicles
  • Kindness and respect from all Aspen employees
  • Deep-cleaned vehicles
  • Highly trusted, heavily vetted drivers based on in-depth background checks and interviews
  • Drivers that receive initial training, mentoring, and close supervision to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Services flexibility - a willingness to meet your unique transportation requirements in this difficult time
  • No broken promises
  • Reliable and highly respectful on-time funeral transportation services
  • Safe, funeral procession transportation all the time, every time

About Immediate Family Members Transportation

Immediate family members often ride together from a funeral home, church, mosque, synagogue, or family residence to the final burial place in a private black sedan, SUV or stretch limousine. This relieves them of any stress related to traffic or finding the final burial location, cemetery, or mortuary; and it gives the bereaved family time to be alone, share their thoughts and feelings, and pray in private together if they are so inclined. Being taken care of by a private transportation company on this day also means that they can be brought directly to the burial spot itself, leave items in the vehicle that they may want to have access to later, and receive help from the driver with any walking or carrying needs that they may have getting from the vehicle to the burial ceremony.

If you are family or a close friend and will be driving your own vehicle in the funeral vehicle procession, you should arrive at the funeral home, church, synagogue, or mosque about 45 minutes prior to the funeral to ensure that you are parked near the front of the procession. All others will be parked in the order in which they arrive.

About The Funeral Vehicle Procession - Things You Should Know

When the funeral service is over, the pallbearers will transport the casket outside and place it in the hearse. A funeral attendant should direct you to get in your vehicle and be ready to follow those ahead of you in the procession line.

Funeral Procession Vehicles Entering a Cemetary | Aspen Limo Funeral Limousine Car Services in Minneapolis St Paul MN Area

♦ The procession is typically led by a black sedan (known as the “lead car”) bearing white funeral flags with hazard lights flashing – this lets other motorists know that a funeral procession is moving through traffic. Following the sedan is the hearse, and then the family limousines, and then all the vehicles of those driving in the procession.

♦ The funeral attendant typically places a magnetic flag, usually bright orange in color, that reads “Funeral” on the car. The flag is placed on the hood of the vehicle in the front left corner, over the driver’s side. If there are many cars in the procession, the attendant may place the flag on every other vehicle or every 3rd vehicle. You will also be instructed to turn your headlights on for the drive to the cemetery or burial site. Both the funeral flags and the headlights signifies to other motorists that you are part of a funeral procession.

♦ You will be driving very slowly – usually 30-40 mph on roads, depending on the normal speed limit, and no more than 55 mph on the highway.

♦ You will need to stay close to the car in front of you in the procession – do not allow room for a vehicle not in the procession to cut in. Stay in line and with the procession at all times – even if means you are going through a red light at an intersection. Local traffic ordinances give a funeral procession the right-of-way, and other motorists must yield until the procession has passed. Do not leave your place in the procession line unless there is an emergency.

♦ The last car in the procession will typically have 2 funeral flags and will also have hazards lights flashing to signify to other motorists that the procession has ended and that traffic may resume.

♦ Once you arrive at the location for the burial service, a cemetery attendant will often lead the procession to the gravesite or chapel, and the funeral attendant will then collect the flags from any vehicles.


We offer the Most Flexible Car Service Rates and Options Available

  • Per-hour rates option (allows for unlimited stops and waiting times)
  • Per-mile rates option (miles from pick-up point to drop-off point)
  • Custom pricing options - just call us or click here for a quick quote - we're happy to discuss any special needs or requests you may have!

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